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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is used to assess the performance of projects and programmes with the goal to not only improve current and future outputs, outcomes and lasting impact but also to provide transparency in reporting and resource allocation. M&E is ideally seen as a dialogue on ongoing activities and its progress between all stakeholders involved.

We understand M&E as the systematic observation, documentation, analysis and presentation of selected parameters as a basis for learning and adjusting project implementation and updating of project strategies. At ECO we support the entire process from concept development to operationalisation of monitoring accompanied by capacity building. A sound monitoring system is a key factor for success of any project and the gained insights stimulate dialogue among project partners and serve the decision-making of all involved actors.

Following an integrated approach, ECO’s portfolio in the area of monitoring and evaluation comprises various services and approaches:

Development of customised project M&E systems:

Development of sector-specific monitoring approaches / concepts / systems:

Project and programme evaluation:

We do not offer off-the-shelf products, but always develop and design custom-made solutions, as the starting point for any assignment requires an individual approach. We look at the design of M&E systems not as a one-time exercise, but always leave room for flexible adaptation and refinement.

Since our early projects we strive for participatory planning, implementing and monitoring processes as well as ongoing coordination with all major stakeholders. The vertical integration and networking of everybody involved, from national decision-makers to the local population, is crucial for successful consultancy and the basis to comprehensive and meaningful project implementation. We highly value the participatory character and simplicity of our instruments, which allows our partners to develop ownership more easily.

As consultants we work in a variety of different sectors, regions, on various levels and thus have the opportunity to understand core factors influencing the effectiveness of development efforts beyond local contexts – and to develop related support elements.

These services are always supported by the development of digital solutions such as data collection tools, databases and interactive/web-based analysis and presentation.