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ProSol Madagascar participates in the International Meeting in Besely


An hour away from Mahajanga, a port city in Madagascar, lies a remarkable campus dedicated to the education of children in rural areas. Developed over a decade by the NGO "Ecoles du monde", it has impressive infrastructure such as fiber optic cables, solar energy systems, and a borehole connected to a water source. About 100 families benefit from this campus, which relies on donations and volunteer work. Recently, the campus hosted the Besely International Meeting on May 6 and 7. The event, org [...]

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ProSol Madagascar organizes International Knowledge Exchange Workshop

30.05.2023 | The ProSol global program works in seven countries, including Kenya, India, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Madagascar, and aims to implement agroecological approaches for sustainable and climate-intelligent soil protection and restoration. In all its country activities, transnational learning and co-creation are highly valued, and various exchange events are organized to share experiences and promote mutual learning. Recently, ECO Consult with its team of ProSol Madagascar organized [...]

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ECO receives award as "Employer of the Future"

28.03.2023 | Finding and retaining skilled workers is a challenge nowadays. This makes it all the more important to develop strategies to stand out as an attractive and sustainable employer. ECO Consult is also aware of this. With flexible working time models, flat hierarchies, employee benefits and individual training and development opportunities, the company does everything to create a pleasant working atmosphere for its employees. ECO's digitalisation and sustainability strategy is proof of its future-or [...]

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New Chief Technical Advisor for BACCP project in Mongolia

24.02.2023 | ECO's KfW project "Biodiversity and Adaptation to Climate Change in Mongolia" (BACCP II/III) has a new Chief Technical Advisor. Dr. Alexander Gradel has gained profound regional experience in Asia through numerous consulting assignments and knows Mongolia very well. His professional background is in forestry and international nature conservation. Besides his work as international consultant, he also worked as FSC (COC) auditor in Germany and Poland. ECO wishes him an interesting and pleasant ind [...]

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ProSol: ECO produces popcorn from sorghum millet in Madagascar

09.02.2023 | In keeping with the World Year of Sorghum Millet, the ECO team in Boeny, Madagascar, has produced a very special kind of popcorn as part of the ProSol project. It is made from sorghum, a crop well suited to the region because it requires little rainfall and is more nutritious than corn. ProSol and the Regional Nutrition Office have partnered to promote this food, especially to pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children, by sharing a variety of recipes. Efforts have also been made to i [...]

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ECO consults stakeholders in Himachal Pradesh as part of the FES project (India)

23.01.2023 | ECO Consult was contracted by GIZ as part of the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) project to develop incentive-based mechanisms (IbM) to motivate resource users and forest owners in the western Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to sustainably manage ecosystem services, particularly water. To do this, ECO's team recently conducted focus group discussions and stakeholder interviews at three sites in Himachal Pradesh. This allowed ECO's forestry experts [...]

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