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Major milestone for “ProPFR”: 10,000 land certificates for Madagascans


At the end of July there was an important event for many Madagascans: president Andry Rajoelina handed over 10,000 land certificates to plot owners during an official ceremony. This is a huge success for the project “ProPFR” (promotion of a responsible land policy) which ECO has been implementing since 2017. Find out more about ProPFR. [...]

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ECO has done it again: quality management recertified!

27.04.2022 | ECO's quality management successfully started in the next certification cycle in 2022. After the external audit at the end of April, ECO received again its certification according to EN ISO 2015:9001. Significant strength were documented in the areas of strategic management, backstopping and on-boarding of technical experts, infrastructure and project administration, knowledge management and the development of innovative products. ECO's quality policy sets out the delivery of its service to the [...]

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Fernando is rounding out the ECO leadership team - Congratulations!

08.07.2022 | Fernando Régis de Almeida Camargo, who has long since proven himself to be one of the company's top performers, officially joined the ranks of ECO Consult's managing directors on 1 June. The staff is delighted to have a leader who devotes his energy and skills to the company at the highest level, shares his knowledge and network to move the entire team forward and takes on any challenge for the sake of the team, no matter how demanding. He thus fits perfectly into the ranks of ECO's mana [...]

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ECO boosts its social media team

05.07.2022 | Since July, Aylin Landzettel has been strengthening the ECO team in the areas of public relations, social media and corporate communications. The cover picture shows Aylin (left) together with her onboarding mentor Jessica (right). As an experienced media consultant and communications expert, Aylin will make ECO and its project consultancy even more transparent and visible, and the team is looking forward to her ideas and cooperation. [...]

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Successful restitution workshop for biochar project in Tunisia

01.07.2022 | In the project Soil Protection and Rehabilitation and Food Security (ProSol) in Tunisia, a restitution workshop took place on 1.7.22, which focused on the analysis of the potential use and production of biochar in Tunisia in the agricultural sector as an organic amendment. The technical and economic feasibility as well as potential resources were discussed in a very stimulating and fruitful workshop. Wood from the pruning of olive and fruit trees as well as the dead leaves of date palms were di [...]

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ECO makes sustainability visible: a beautiful bee pasture adorns the Oberaula headquarters

30.06.2022 | Sustainable action and management is not only a basic component of ECO's project consulting, but has also always been a top priority for internal corporate governance. One of the particularly illustrative measures implemented by ECO as part of its internal sustainability strategy this year is the planting of a bee pasture directly adjacent to the ECO headquarters in Oberaula. A wide variety of food plants for bees and other insects thrive on approx. 280 square metres, which are also a feast for [...]

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