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Nature & Climate

Man-made climate change and biodiversity loss are global challenges to humanity that require concerted efforts by all nations alike.

At ECO, we understand sustainable natural resource management (NRM) and nature conservation as the response strategies of choice to address or mitigate the effects / defuse the threat to human livelihood in partner countries.

The forest landscape restoration (FLR) approach, harnessing the potentials of forests, trees outside forests (ToF), and agricultural areas, regards forests as strategic elements of cultural landscapes. It creates a unified spatial reference for the synergetic pursuit of NRM, natural conservation, and rural development.

Subject areas

Sustainable management of forests, rangelands, or wildlife including diagnosis and inventories, management planning, operational concepts, ecological and social safeguards is one of ECO Consult’s core competencies. 

At ECO, we consider water catchment preservation and management including land use assessment and planning, zoning, tenure arrangements and cadastral systems (property app) as pivotal elements of a holistic landscape approach.

ECO has long standing experience in protected area management including diagnosis and risk assessments, ecological monitoring, protected area administration, development of institutional frameworks, conservation planning and zoning, participatory buffer zone development and livelihood support (ecological monitoring)

We provide a wide range of services for agriculture and agroforestry that include. Among others, food security, rural infrastructure, water resource management and irrigation, and in particular agro-economics (value chain development and green economy: bioeconomy and value chains in Brazil)

The valorisation of natural resources through payments for environmental services (PES), the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB) or sustainable production and marketing are central to ECO’s approach to natural resource management (ValueLinks training).

ECO develops innovative approaches to renewable energy use including demand/supply analysis and monitoring, sustainable production, climate-smart conversion and pioneering combustion technologies (surveys by GPS, drone), in addition to distribution and marketing systems and aspects of health and safety.

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