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ECO Consult GmbH & Co. KG (since December 28th, 2020)

Previously: ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft; ECO Gesellschaft für sozialökologische Programmberatung Sepp & Busacker GbR and ECO Studien Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft


Hersfelder Straße 17
36280 Oberaula
Phone: +49 6628 83 73
Fax: +49 6628 8016
E-Mail: info@eco-consult.com
We provide a whistleblower protection system.

Managing Directors:

Dietrich-Steve Sepp (PhD)
Dietrich Busacker (MA)
Fernando Camargo (MAA, LLB)

Company Information:

USt. ID Nr.: DE 246 197 616
Trade register Marburg, Germany
Registry number: HRA 4169

Tax office: Schwalm-Eder, Germany.
Tax number: 042 314 00163

Responsible for website content:
Dr. Steve Sepp, Dietrich Busacker, Fernando Camargo

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