ECO Consult teams up with crisis

Headquarters and project teams all out to bridge gaps

The COVID-19 pandemic requires concerted efforts to avoid risks and proliferation. ECO Consult follows all prophylaxis measures on national and state levels. This has implications for our work in Oberaula and Frankfurt/ Main as well as on site. Our project teams work hard to continue all assignments in the agreed scope. We endeavor to compensate for staff shortages and any delays, which may sometimes occur in the current situation. Our German headquarters can be reached throughout. We ask for your understanding lest a contact person of yours might not be available temporarily. ECO is working flat out to make this transition phase as low-risk yet productive as possible.
For any questions, contact us at:
++49 (0) 6628-8373 or

Spotlight on renewable energy

Investing in GMDR technology

ECO facilitates the adoption of efficient kilns

11-01/ By 2050 every second African citizen will still rely on wood-based fuels. This UNEP figure draws attention to a so far neglected sector of CO2 emissions: those from rural charcoal producing communities in numerous LDCs. ECO Consult's pioneering work in Madagascar, in adapting and improving kiln technologies, has led us to promote the more efficient, and thus GHG saving, GMDR (Green Mad Dome Retort). This technology is also a possible means for freeing revenues from carbon markets, to help improve local livelihoods, and not just for avoiding the release of thousands of tons of avoidable GHG emissions: small green investments that pay double and save the resource base. ECO Consult experts facilitate dissemination of the technology and assist investors. > RENEWABLE ENERGY

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