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Progress in development is based on mutual trust and compromise. To shape such relationships ECO Consult combines technical knowledge with ambitious corporate values. Explore our performance to make your negotiated policies work on the ground and promote sustainable livelihoods in a world of increased uncertainties and instability. ECO Consult assists in innovative interventions that are economically and ecologically profitable and carry long-term benefits. > ABOUT US


Sustainable wildlife protection requires sustainable approaches

We offer integrated and landscape-based advise

To protect endangered wildlife species of outstanding ecological significance and economic value helps promote the associated livelihoods of people at the same time, who can put them into value. In the past decades various and high-level protected areas (PA) were established and supported to this end. However, even large individual PA and ecological corridors will fail to save endangered biodiversity unless accompanied by strategic advise to administrations’ management capacity and, infrastructure investments. To enhance PA's management effectiveness, ECO Consult has since long promoted landscape-based and integrated approaches to biodiversity conservation. > FIELDS OF WORK

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