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ECO Consult is a provider of technical expertise for interventions that target knowledge transfer and social and political transformation in selected partner states of international cooperation. By way of capacity building we assist countries that seek solutions for better governance and business conduct, legal and administrational reform — challenges that tend to go hand in hand and therefore call for integrated approaches. Our work delivers contributions to 12 out of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Our quality management is ISO certified. Our interventions are subject to the standards of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. 

Starting from core areas of expertise that pertain to the sustainable management of natural resources our staff look across disciplines to develop solutions, with the aim to optimse natural resources governance and market infrastructures and have people benefit from the returns. Often, facilitating the implementation of international agreements and capacity building is a major concern, as for for business units, village-based organisations, or multi-level administrational entities. To this end, our clients rely on ECO as a partner with expertise in all relevant intersecting fields of work and close to 30 years' experience in international project management.

ECO Consult GmbH & Co. KG, the company's core operative unit, is among Germany's leading providers of technical advice in international development. We are called by clients such as international funding agencies and governmental development organisations on the basis of bilateral cooperation agreements with partner countries of German development assistance. Other assignments are for the private sector and civil society organisations.

ECO’s scientifically-based independent technical expertise is informed by hands-on project implementation. We rely on regional experience, on logistical, economic and management skills and intercultural competence. Emphasis is put on working relationships with national partners.

Though equal opportunities and an intercultural approach go without saying in an international development business context, ECO Consult's figures pay witness to our outstanding record as a fair employer in terms of family friendliness, diversity and inclusion, from the company's establishment. 

The company's residence is in Oberaula (Hessia). Other offices are based in Morocco, Niger and varying project locations.   > PROJECTS

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