Developing training concepts

ECO Consult develops didactic concepts and training methods that foster individual capacity development. Our strength is the translation of specific technical expertise (e.g. forestry, climate change adaptation, household energy) into tangible competencies through interactive learning.

Trainings are designed for experts and decision makers from developing and emerging economies as well as for international development experts. We take care to identify and cater for the needs of the target group, from decision makers to practitioners.

Also, we support the development of trainer skills through training of trainers events, on the job training and coaching for trainers.

Training concepts may involve:

  • introduction sessions for newcomers in a certain topic
  • a basic course for practitioners who want to build certain competencies
  • a sensitization event for decision makers to develop orientation for political decisions
  • a multiplier workshop to link technical and organisational change processes.

From 2010 ECO Consult has been a well-established partner of GIZ in developing and implementing training courses and regional or sector specific training modules in the field of climate change adaptation. Over 20 short-term assignments included the contribution to the development of the training course “Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into development Planning” (based on OECD policy document), programme advice and (pilot) implementations of trainings for decision makers, technical and management staff with participants from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Trainings of trainers, refresher and top-up trainings for trainers were carried out on a regular basis.


  • 2014-2015: ‘Blue Solutions’, GIZ – BMUB/IKI

Based on the existing GIZ-training on “Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning” and "Integrating Ecosystem Services into Development Planning” a climate change adaptation training was developed, with a focus on marine and coastal areas. Training material was conceived with a specific focus on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), and integrated the most recent adaptation terminology of IPCC AR5.

  • 2015: 'Biodiversity Conservation for Human Wellbeing', Sector Programme ‘Implementation of the CBD’, SNRD Asia (GIZ)

To raise awareness and knowledge about biodiversity conservation ECO Consult conceived an innovative introductory course covering fundamental issues of protected area management and PA governance, sustainable use, ABS, NBSAPs and financing instruments. A pioneer course was delivered in Bangkok, for 22 international participants from South Asian countries.

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