Following up

ECO Consult deliberately offers follow-up services to a course so that your efforts yield the desired results. For one thing, to transform learning into change it is necessary to accompany and monitor the necessary institutional uptake. This can be supported by e.g. post-training evaluations, coaching/mentoring, and knowledge management.

Another aspect refers to the challenge to stay up to date: ECO Consult offers follow-up trainings as much for the acquisition and transfer of supplementary knowledge and skills, as for refreshing and updating the contents of prior events. As contributor to the institutionalised Climate Change Adaptation Training of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), we help you keep track with global and emerging issues and their recent development at the crossroads of natural resources management and good governance, such as mainstreaming CCA into national action plans.

As a permanent partner of GIZ for training courses and regional or sector specific training modules from 2010, ECO Consult was entrusted not only with the conception of trainings and trainings of trainers but also with the evaluation and backstopping of trainer teams, and with a series of trainer coachings on the job.


  • 2012-2013: GIZ/PIK-Project Inventory of Methods for Climate Change Adaptation

Knowledge and information management for the further promotion of the GIZ climate change adaptation training: development of a ‘cookbook’ with methodological guidance for trainers and facilitation of webinars for exchange of experience and information on recent developments.

  • 2008-2015: Development and capacity building for sustainable management and use of forest resources in the Congo Basin, GIZ

For several years ECO has ccompanied the RIFFEAC network (Réseau des Institutions de Formation Forestière et Environnementale de l'Afrique Centrale) in the fields of curriculum reform, regional education policy and continuing education programs. Introductory training sessions were always combined with follow-up support, such as the (distance) coaching of education institutions for the development of curricula or the implementation of training workshops.

  • 2012-2014: International Leadership Training (ILT) "Strengthening professional capacities in forest and environmental relevant training institutions in Central Africa"

Design and implementation of a one-year training program for future leaders from Central African education institutions. In addition to technical and methodological training sessions, ECO accompanied participants in the development and subsequent implementation of ‘transfer projects’ in their home countries.

  • 2014: Portuguese Government's Fast Track Finance, CAOS Ltd., Portugal

ECO carried out a two-week training of trainers on climate change adaptation for climate negotiators and representatives of various national authorities, UNDP staff and members of NGOs. Participants' countries of origin were Portugal, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. The training event contributed to enhance the trainers' technical and facilitation skills participants subsequently implemented the CCA training as part of their daily work. In 2016, ECO organized a follow-up training for participants of the previous ToT. This Top Up Training of Trainers offered the participants the opportunity to exchange information and experience with their peers, as well as to update their learnings and get to know recent trends and current developments in the field of CCA training.

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