Defining the strategic framework

ECO consultants identify clients' capacitation needs by way of desk and interpersonal/ field assessments, in close consultation with the client. Needs assessments, sector and stakeholder analyses are offered as a stand-alone service, or as initial measures in the frame of further intervention planning such as for the design of capacity development strategies for institutions and/or sectors.


  • 2014-16: Strategic mainstreaming of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), GIZ Vietnam

Accompanying an overall capacity development procces in integrating climate change adaptation into development planning with a focus on EbA, our assistance covered key inputs such as an in-depth capacity needs assessment, contributions to the participatory development of a capacity development strategy and the compilation of tailor-made training material in Vietnamese. Our team organized a Training of Trainers Workshop for 17 participants from selected training institutes and institutions.

  • 2011-12: Indo-German Umbrella Programme on Natural Resources Management: Capacity development on climate change adaptation and mitigation, GIZ India

The overall goal was to develop capacities in the Indian National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in the light of climate change adaptation and mitigation. ECO implemented a capacity needs assessment and analysed the Bank’s training centers institutions in regard to their future role as providers of high quality trainings to enhance the Bank’s role in in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation. We furthermore developed a capacity development concept, including measures at institutional and individual level.

  • 2011-13: Regional Programme Silva Mediterranea, GIZ

We supported the strengthening of practical competencies, awareness raising and skills development on forest-ecosystem services for climate change adaptation in the MENA region. Our services included a needs assessment and awareness raising missions and our trainers facilitated trainings sessions for around 200 participants in five countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Turkey). The workshops resulted in 'action plans' for the forest and neighboring sectors. 

  • 2011-13: Good Governance and Decentralization Programme, Mauritania (Module 2: Stakeholder training on decentralization), GIZ

Training needs assessment of municipality staff, development of a national training strategy and training plan, of 66 training modules and of 3-month training course for Secretaries General of municipalities. Training of Trainers, development of a website, result-oriented monitoring and evaluation, feasibility study for a national training structure.

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