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Promoting technical and management capacities of partner staff and development experts is essential to manage change processes and institutional reform and, thus, to sustainable development. We aim at supporting our partners and clients in implementing holistic capacity development processes. To make a long-lasting contribution we not only focus on knowledge transfer but intend to enhance development practitioners' practical competencies.  

On this page you find out about

  • how we conceive learning in an HCD context
  • what services we offer
  • related references from various regions and countries
  • examples of trainings and other tools ready to be adapted to your needs.

Defining the framework

For targeted intervention planning we offer assessments of partners'  development processes including the identification of stakeholders, development objectives and capacities needed. More...

Facilitating events

Our trainers and facilitators are versatile in cutting-edge didactical approaches. In plenary and group sessions they enable peer-to-peer learning and initiate professional exchange in a constructive working atmosphere. More…

General concept

We regard training as a supportive element in integrated capacitation processes. It is our aim to support capacity development – be it on an individual, organizational or network scope – by way of a decidedly strategic and results-oriented approach. More...

Developing concepts

Our training concepts are designed to make long-lasting impact. Beyond knowledge transfer our didactics help trainees develop the skills and attitude they need to initiate change in their work contexts. More...

Following up

ECO Consult deliberately offers services beyond individual training events, to ensure that your efforts yield the desired results and to foster institutional uptake. More...

Designing contents

ECO Consult’s training material is tailor-made to cater for specific institutional, sectoral or regional contexts. We design comprehensive training materials for face-to-face as well as for virtual learning. More...

Samples and information

Info on ECO trainings

ECO trainings are not just any HCD events off-the-shelf. We take care that clients receive tailor-made packages that respond to their individual needs. Take a look at our roads to progress in life-long learning.

ECO Consult training portfolio (pdf, 3 MB)

Forestry for Non-foresters

Try and test one of our e-learning modules. We are ready to create a similar module or course specifically for your demand. Just click here:
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