Identification, planning, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects

ECO Consult has conducted a large number of project appraisals and feasibility studies for various national and international commissioning bodies. We dispose of broad experience in the relevant state-of-the art methodologies and tools for planning (logical frame work, ZOPP, RBM) as well as setting up monitoring and evaluation schemes.

ECO also carried out a significant number of evaluations and project progress reviews at all levels, ranging from country-strategies, policies, programs to projects. ECO has developed a number of M&E systems and steered meta-evaluations, e.g. an overall evaluation of Germany's development cooperation contribution to natural resources management. ECO has led a consortium on the evaluation of the European Commission’s sectoral and thematic programs and policies in developing countries.

Since our early projects we have strived for participatory planning processes and ongoing coordination with German implementing agencies as well as with foreign donors, as a basis for comprehensive project proposals. We have gained proficient experience in complex project arrangements, which is of specific value given the challenges of modern aid architecture.

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