Public relations and media

There is no success in technical interventions without accounting for one's work, facilitating mutual exchange and winning stakeholder consent. To this end ECO Consult offers complementary editorial services in the area of information and knowledge management and technical publications. Based on a daily routine in development communication ECO delivers inputs as a stand-alone service or within a more comprehensive project approach.

Our multilingual portfolio includes production of online and printed products and exhibition concepts up to project-based or sector-wide communication strategies. For training and documentation purposes we offer the full scope of editorial services from manuscript to the delivered product.

While we apply state of the art technology in our offices we are well capable to work along restricted technical capacities, e.g. in rural outbacks.

Consulting services pertain to:

  • Awarewess raising/ KAP studies and strategy development

  • Print and online media (books, handbooks, posters, leaflets, flyers, folders, web platforms etc.) in the frame of curricula development and education

  • Capacitation and presentation of project results via brochures, websites or mobile devices for public relations, outscaling and documentation

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