GIZ forest governance support: lessons and outlook

Three years prior to the 2011 UN International Year of Forests, GTZ reflected on the impact of its forest governance related capacity development activities over the past few years and presented a vision of how to address future challenges.

In the face of climate adaptation challenges, growing global demand for timber and pressure from land conversion and illegal logging GIZ argues for conjoint international forest governance efforts and prioritisation of the forest sector in national development policies.

The publication was conceived, compiled and edited in cooperation with ECO. 

Download brochure (PDF, 3 MB)




Fields of work

Governance for sustainable development

In 2012, FAO redirected their facilitating support from the NFP Facility to the newly founded "Forest and Farm Facility". In the countries, national forest programmes of course still carry on. ECO continues to offer advice to nfp and other environment-related policies and administrative reform. > More

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