Primary Education Programme (PEP) – Component: Education planning and human resources management

In support of Niger's National Primary Education Sector Programme (PSEF) the TC component of the joint FC/TC programme assists in improving the quality of primary education and increasing access to it. The PSEF works on the national, regional and local levels to enhance individual, organizational and institutional capacities of education authorities and related planning staff to enhance strategic planning.

Although already 1.9 mio. of a total of 2.4 mio. of all 7-12-year-old children attend primary school (2011) in Niger, there is a large discrepancy between urban and rural areas. School attendance, especially by girls, who only hold a share of 43% of total pupils, is yet to be increased.

Primary education sector planning is yet to be improved, i.a. more professional co-ordination of supply and demand of teaching staff. Underlying causes are a lack of reliable and regularly updated information about teaching staff and student numbers. Also, results of school inspections need to be systematically cross-checked with personnel recruitment and development. Regional government directorates want more capacity building and resources in order to fulfil their roles. Primary education sector planning will need to be integrated systematically into community development planning.

The programme directly co-operates with the Ministry of Primary Education, Alphabetisation, Support to National Languages and Civil Education (MEP/A/PLN/EC) and community administrations as implementation partners. Other partners in the process are the Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Public Administration and Administration Reform as well as related bilateral projects such as the ProDEC.  

In 9 communities in Tillabery the project, implemented by ECO Consult/ GOPA will:

  • develop guidelines based on planning norms and standards for application by the MEP/A/PLN/EC. The norms and standards will be introduced, tested and implemented by the Ministry in the course of the project;

  • elaborate on an information system with, among others, an easily accessible database and data management for teaching staff. Testing of the database and elaboration of guidelines for teaching staff management as well as training of technical staff is scheduled in the course of the project.

Time span
2014 – 2021   

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner
GOPA Consultants

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