Promotion of Productive Agriculture Programme (PromAP III) – Component: Small-scale irrigation

Development and economical growth in the Republic of Niger are largely dependent on the agricultural sector, which is affected by droughts and overutilisation of resources, along with increased vulnerability to climate change. The country's poverty reducation programme (Lutte contre la pauvreté – LUCOP) defines the development of small farmers' livelihoods in the fight against malnutrition as a major field of action. To this end, the Rural Initiative of "3N" ("Les Nigériens nourissent les Nigériens") foresees support of local self-government by villages and municipalities, fostering the establishment of community infrastructures and promoting the sustainable management of natural resources. In the Agadez, Tahoua and Tillabéri regions German TZ and FZ measures by GIZ and KfW Development Bank assist the implementation of the national initiative.

In the frame of the sustainable resource management and community development component, the Promotion of Productive Agriculture Programme based in Niamey aims to fight land degradation and malnutrition and elevate the contribution of Nigerian agriculture to economic growth and food security. It supports, among others, the rural population in developing adapted agricultural methods. In its first phase PromAP has enhanced the economic potential of the area through small-scale irrigation in the respective regions. Optimising the use of surface water and protecting soils against erosion helped increase soil fertility, enable better yields and higher income for farmers. Along the line, state and private services were supported through trainings and field extensions, in several municipalities and production sites.

Results so far:

  • national strategy for the support of small-scale irrigation agriculture adopted, as a basis for a national and regional action plans

  • support strategy for the capacitation of stakeholders elaborated

  • extension of decentral service providers in agricultural and legal aspects (irrigation practice, sustainable use of resources, land law)

  • support of local producers (pilot farmers, farmers' communities) in cultivation techniques

  • establishment of the prerequisites for ecological monitoring of small-irrigation interventions (indicators, databases)

Time span
2012 – 2021

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partners
AFC Consultants

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