Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources Programme (PAGE 2) – Component 1: Proliferation of professionalized biomass energy chains

In Madagascar, growing demands for food and energy wood combined with stagnant productivity in agriculture and pasture farming lead to extreme resource degradation. This is exacerbated by unsustainable charcoal production and the widespread practice of uncontrolled bush fires. Likewise, in the regions of DIANA and Boeny, despite considerable progress in sustainable resources utilization in individual plots, surrounding forest and pasture lands still suffer from persisting illegal logging and slash-and-burn. Preserving the country's biodiversity hotspots will only be possible if legal alternatives to the illegal use of wood are available, to cover subsistence demands for firewood and construction timber.

The component, with financial support from the European Commission, aims to reduce the resource depletion pressure in selected protected areas by promoting sustainably produced firewood and construction timber. Such substitution needs professional finetuning of the related, as yet informal value chains. In the region of Ambilobe the value chain of energy-efficient stoves is also addressed, to cut back on the consumption of energy wood. Both interventions contribute to an important degree to formalizing and professionalizing the country's wood-energy sector as a whole, as it was already initiatied by predecessors such as the GreenMad and PAGE (GIZ) as well as ASA (EU) programmes.

To further increase the share of sustainably produced charcoal ECO Consult supports producers in the legal and silvicultural establishment of new plantings for the production of energy wood. Capacity building is endorsed, e.g. in setting up management plans for forest plantations and natural forests, obtaining logging permits, opening up markets and access to market information, improving product processing and certification. Ultimately this is to help raise farmers' income from well managed wood resources (plantations, natural forests, mangroves) so that the alternative, "green" way of producing and retailing charcoal receives more attention and demand.

Forthcoming activities for the "Professionnalisation et diffusion de la chaîne de valeur pour l’énergie de biomasse" in detail:

  • In AFAFI North: outscaling and diversification of RVI plantations, integration into RPF concept, improved stoves dissemination support; promotion of GMDR in AFAFI North, green charcoal marketing support for producers
  • CRC/ CUC network development (Boeny region) and expansion (DIANA region)
  • Steps towards a green charcoal digital traceability system
  • Support to the production of construction timber in natural forests and its promotion in afforestation areas (sustainable production, transport, marketing, organizational and legal support for forestry workers)
  • Capacity building to the Regional Directorate for Environment and Sustainable Development consultancy capacities in the area of construction timber trade 

Time span
2020 – 2023   

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Individual land titles help combat land degradation

ECO Consult has assisted the transfer of use rights on several hundred thousands of hectares of previously state owned forests to private user groups. Out of various schemes, RVI (individual community-based afforestation) has proven a particularly interesting model in an African context. At UNCCD COP 11, in Windhoek Dr. Steve Sepp presented results from Madagascar. More...

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