Sustainable development programme (PDRS)

Through the programme, the poor population in selected rural areas enhance  their livelihood conditions through sustainable management of natural resources.

Programme components are:
1. Risk management in rural areas
2. Sustainable value added from natural resources: production, marketing and export of agricultural products
3. Resource protection: Management of protected areas, buffer zones and catchment areas
Project staff and stakeholders join forces in environmental education – one of the important activities of the programme.
ECO has the overall responsibility for project design, steering and monitoring.

Further, individual activities comprise:

1. Environmental communication and education (incl. implementation of MEA)

2. Compensation of environmental services (incl. conflict management)

3. Trade promotion and facilitation of market access respectively

4. Mainstreaming and diffusion of the most important products, systematized processes and lessons learnt among educational institutions, governmental institutions at national and sub-national level as well as the private sector.

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