Advise to decentral school administration agencies for school quality improvement (ProEduc III)


The government of Benin grants access to primary school for all girls and boys according to their age and seeks to guarantee qualified primary education with a degree. But despite primary school enrollment rates have increased in the country in recent years, only 65 percent of pupils will currently complete elementary school, with most drop-outs being girls. To endorse that well-designed education programs are consistently implemented in schools, the Government seeks to enhance teaching quality as well as improve the school administrations' data bases.

With the Beninese Ministry of Education and Primary Education in Porto-Novo as its partner the project works with the regional school authorities of the Atacora, Borgou, Mono and Ouemé departments, on the basis of the current Decennial Education Sector Development Plan that reaches out until 2020.   

Apart from alphabetisation and adult education the 2016's national Action Programme foresees improved sector coordination, enhancing education quality, equal and inclusive access and lifelong learning — with particular reference to Goal 4 of the International Sustainable Development Agenda.

In the preceding phase ECO Consult and partners have attained significant progress in the area of deconcentration and decentralisation, through establishment of education stakeholders coordination bodies and in capacitating head staff and personnel of 40 school authorities.

The ensuing project now intends that teachers, school administrators and school inspectors further systematically align their (i) teaching, (ii) school management and (iii) participation in school development, along the quality criteria that have been developed with German support. ECO Consult and GOPA will now use their expertise, among others, to update the data management systems in the educational administration.

Time span
2017 – 2019       

Commissioning body           

Cooperation partner
GOPA Consultants

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