Sustainable Management of Wildlife Reserves in the North of Benin (PGDRB)


In West Africa's savannah zone at the intersection of Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger, the W-Arly-Pendjari ("WAP") transborder network of savanna wildlife refuges covers two million hectares of land. The WAP shelters the largest remaining populations of wildlife in West AfricaWith 21,000 km2, the Beninese part of the complex represents a significant part. Pendjari National Park (PNP, 2,760 km2, with controlled hunting areas of 2,755 km2) and the National Park of "W" (WNP, 10,300 km2), both located in the North of Benin, are the country's most important protected areas. 

After several decades of "traditional" support by projects, and despite the progress achieved, it turned out that park revenues and national budgets alone did not allow to finance the sustainability of extensive biodiversity conservation measures. To close the financial gaps the Government of Benin, supported by Germany as technical and financial partner, created the West African Savannah Foundation ("Fondation des Savanes Ouest-Africaines" FSOA) as a conservation trust fund for sustainable protected area financing. The Foundation aims mainly to invest its endowment fund on international financial markets with the goal to achieve sustainable returns for a regular and sufficient cover of recurring management cost.

The PGDRB's (Protection et Gestion Durable des Reserves au Bénin) goal is to capacitate the West African Savannah Foundation financially and technically to constitute a sustainable funding mechanism allowing to secure the operation and effective management of Benin's Northern protected areas.

To meet the financial needs of the two national parks, and later of the WAP complex, ECO provides the following assistance:

  • enhance FSOA's operational capability: organizational development and technical support in administrative and institutional affairs, to ensure efficient management faithful to the foundation's objectives

  • increase the assets of endowment funds: organizational support in relationship with donors and technical assistance on queries to donors and innovative financing mechanisms

  • mastering the grant award cycle: organizational support for the development of tools and relations with grantees, assistance for monitoring funded activities and impacts

  • enable FSOA to partake in the institutional and operational development of "clients", as are parks and reserves managers of Benin, then Burkina Faso and Niger.

Time span
2018 – 2021 (current phase)      

Commissioning body           
Fondation des Savanes Ouest-Africaines (FSOA)

Cooperation partner
NIRAS-IP Consult

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