Biodiversity and Adaptation of Key Forest Ecosystems to Climate Change

Mongolian forests are globally renowned for their biodiversity, and significant for water resource protection in a regional perspective. They equally sustain the livelihoods of Mongolia’s still predominantly rural (even nomadic) population and provide a wide range of critical provisioning and protection services.

Recognizing the crucial importance of Mongolia’s natural riches, the Mongolian government pursues an agenda of forest protection and sustainable forest management. Even though, forestry professionals and practitioners equally lack evidence-based decision-making aids, adequate planning instruments and silvicultural concepts. Similarly, various non-timber forest resources and ecosystem services fail to be fully valorized, for lack of operational concepts (e.g. value-chain development, access and benefit sharing).

The project constituted the technical cooperation module of Germany's bilateral cooperation's overarching Biodiversity Conservation and Adaptation to Climate Change Programme. As such it was able to build on the results and lessons of several preceding years of cooperation in the forest sector.

ECO Consult since 2015 implemented two complementary service packages (1 - ABS and value-chain development, 2 - forest management planning and preparation of a forest resource potential and demand assessment), each commissioned by GIZ.

The project provided key stakeholders of Mongolia’s forest sector with proven concepts for the protection and sustainable management of forest ecosystems, with due regard for their biodiversity and carbon sequestration potentials.

Time span
2015 – 2018

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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