Decentral management of natural resources, Guidimakha

Managament of natural resources and decentralisation have evolved as the two major working areas in Mauritano-German cooperation that the countries maintained throughout their bilateral cooperation since the 1960ies.

To both these areas ECO Consult, together with our partner bureau d'études IRAM, was able to contribute a considerable conceptional and operational share, starting with the elaboration of the 2001 pacemaking National Poverty Reduction Strategy (revision in 2011). The Decentral management of natural resources project was implemented by ECO over a time span of 11 years.

This project was one of two components of the Programme for the Management of natural resources (ProGRN), which operated nation-wide. In the province of Guidimakha it assisted both the population as well as administrative bodies in managing selected areas' natural resources in a sustainable way. In 2005, the project was extended to the province of Hodh-el-Gharbi.

Main tasks of the project were to provide conceptual, methodological, technical and financial support on several levels of the administration and to assist in impact monitoring. Resource user groups, communities and technical agencies in Hodh-el-Gharbi and Guidimakha were adviced and trained in the introduction and application of decentralized resource management schemes. The project supported the population in the implementation of user agreements for the sustainable management of natural resources.

User groups, assisted by the administration, organised the monitoring of user agreements and the collection of fees.

Time span

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner
IRAM, France

Project brief on GLC

In 2013, the project was portrayed in a paper edited by GIZ, to be downloaded here (PDF, 1.5 MB). 

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