Basic Education Project – field of action 1,
Family and Reproductive Health Project – field of action 1


As pilot initiatives of a renewed, tentative era of German bilateral cooperation with Guinea the two projects address the basic needs of the country's eleven million citizens in terms of education and health care. ECO staff work in the regions of in Mamou, Labé und Faranah. Guinea's rural poor are severely in need of better health services and broad-based education. The basic education project, lined up with the Ministère de l’Enseignement Pré-Universitaire et de l’Alphabétisation (MEPU-A), starts with teachers' training and capacitation conjointly with policy development and awareness raising as to the inclusion of girls in formal education. In the country, which faces one of the world's lowest schooling rates, particularly girls tend to miss out on school attendance in favour of income generation and household chores. 

Decentral school administrations are important partners who seek to be better enabled to fulfil their tasks. Other partners in the strive to attain a community-based school management, workable teaching conditions and adapted curricula are non-governmentals. 

Activities comprise:

  • design of empirical studies and technical analyses

  • assistance in the elaboration of annual plannings of finance and activities

  • capacity development of decentral administrations and service providers.

The project on reproductive health, on the other hand, seeks to close serious gaps in family health services. In the target areas as yet, less than every second woman receive medical assistance at birth giving. Seven out of ten infants are raised without any initial medical care. Other challenges that will be tackled by the project are family planning and HIV protection (with a rate of only twelve out of a hundred citizens that have themselves tested on HIV). The project is aligned with the Ministry of Health.

Time span
2015 – 2018   

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner
Health Focus

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