Economic strengthening of the Maniema and South Kivu provinces through job market oriented education (REMAKI) – Component: Planning and Implementation of an accompanying M&E system

Strengthening of governmental administrative structures on the supraordinate and decentral levels remained one of the key requirements for the Democratic Republic of Congo's rehabilitation after years of civil war. This pertained to technical, organisational, financial and human capacities. The problem specifically extended to the provinces of Maniema et South Kivu. Their economic infrastructures needed to be re-established in order to provide people with incomes and livelihood opportunities. 

To evade this situation improved access to basic services is vital – such as primary education, professional extension and job generation councelling, especially in rural areas. In South Kivu, due to persisting conflicts, the situation is particulary tense.

The programme «Renforcement Economique des Provinces du Maniema et Sud Kivu à travers une Education orientée sur le Marché de l’Emploi » (REMAKI) aimed to pave the way for state and civil society stakeholders in the area of basic education and development, to participate and perform their roles efficiently, to the effect of generating income and working opportunities.

With a view to securing long-term results and transition towards sustainable development, an accompanying monitoring and evaluation system was designed in the final phase of the programme.

ECO's advise supported the as yet sparsely represented local professional resources in the province and helped implement results-based management procedures on the basis of the commissioner's "Capacity WORKS" methodology. 

Time span
2014 – 2016     

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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