Burkina Faso

Decentralization and Community Development Programme (PDDC), Local Finances Component

The programme's component "Local Finances" worked at establishing a transparent, participatory and responsable system for the administration of finances on the community level. Revenues were increased in order to safeguard the sustainable financing of community services.

• The Ministry of Finances was supported in introducting a budgetary reform through the elaboration of practical tools for the regional and local levels. Training of administrative staff.
• Advisory and capacity building services were delivered to personnel of 19 communities of the Eastern and South western region with the aim of improving their finance administrations.
• Civil society groups and comunity councellors were trained in interpreting, drafting and monitoring of budgetary plans, participatory budgets were tested in four communities.
•Training modules for a decentral finance administration were delivered.
• The setup of annual investment programmes derived from development plans was supported
• Advice and support was delivered for an improved levying of taxes and for an increase in the financial autonomy for the implementation of local development plans.

• Community councellors and administrative staff were trained
• A plan for communities' tax liability registration was elaborated
• A nomenclature for local finances was introduced
• The financial planning of communities was improved
• Daily administration was eased by the introduction of accountancy software.

Time span
2011 – 2015        

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner

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