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ProSol Madagascar participates in the International Meeting in Besely


An hour away from Mahajanga, a port city in Madagascar, lies a remarkable campus dedicated to the education of children in rural areas. Developed over a decade by the NGO "Ecoles du monde", it has impressive infrastructure such as fiber optic cables, solar energy systems, and a borehole connected to a water source. About 100 families benefit from this campus, which relies on donations and volunteer work.

Recently, the campus hosted the Besely International Meeting on May 6 and 7. The event, organized by Charles Gassot, the director of the NGO, was held under the theme "Education and training as the key to sustainable development of the landlocked areas in the south of the Indian Ocean". Many important personalities were invited, including a former French minister, the mayor of Saint-Denis de la Réunion, representatives of various organizations and regions, as well as the governor of the Boeny region. The German-Madagascan cooperation was represented by the chief technical advisor of the ProSol project implemented by GIZ, Tanja Pickardt, as well as the ProSol team leader of ECO Consult, Fabrice Lheriteau.

The meeting focused on the future of the campus, in particular the development of agricultural activities to supply the children's canteen and generate income for the parents. With ProSol, a development of almost 1,000 ha is planned for the next growing season. The participants also inaugurated new infrastructure and laid the foundation stones for the new high school designed by world-famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Construction is underway, and the buildings are expected to be operational within two years.

The governor of the region considers this educational institution to be a unique model with high-quality teaching. Impressed by its impact, he has asked the President of the Republic to honor the head of the NGO, who has subsequently received a high commendation. The Governor expressed his full support for the Ecoles du Monde project, especially for the realization of the agro-ecological facilities at this site.

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