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ProSol Madagascar organizes International Knowledge Exchange Workshop


The ProSol global program works in seven countries, including Kenya, India, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Madagascar, and aims to implement agroecological approaches for sustainable and climate-intelligent soil protection and restoration. In all its country activities, transnational learning and co-creation are highly valued, and various exchange events are organized to share experiences and promote mutual learning.

Recently, ECO Consult with its team of ProSol Madagascar organized an international knowledge exchange workshop (KEW) and welcomed around 60 participants in its main implementation area, Boeny. The overall objective of this event was to facilitate learning and co-creation of knowledge between ProSol country components and to focus on agroecological approaches and techniques that can support agroecological transition.

There was an exchange on practices and implementation approaches to facilitate agroecological transition in Madagascar with different stakeholders (farmers, bridge builders, government officials, etc.) and discussions on challenges and achievements of different ProSol country components. The event provided a real opportunity to network with international and national actors working in the field of agroecology and to discuss the scaling up of agroecological practices. During numerous field visits, the results of the activities of the ECO Consult/GOPA consortium, which is responsible for scaling activities at the regional level, were shared.

The KEW in Madagascar focused on four main themes: the model for dissemination of agroecological practices, in particular the activity of relay farmers to share knowledge between producers; the system for access to quality seeds to ensure wide dissemination of seeds adapted to the local agricultural context; sustainable agro-sylvo-pastoral planning, which guarantees integrated management of the territories by combining agriculture, livestock and forestry based on agroecological principles; and the integration of agroecology in the school sector to sensitize and train students on good agroecological practices. Several visits were made to ProSol Madagascar beneficiaries' areas of operation to present to participants the results of applying sustainable land management techniques.

Following these exchanges and based on the experiences from Madagascar, each country component identified the approaches to be adapted in their respective context.

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