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ProSol: ECO produces popcorn from sorghum millet in Madagascar


In keeping with the World Year of Sorghum Millet, the ECO team in Boeny, Madagascar, has produced a very special kind of popcorn as part of the ProSol project.

It is made from sorghum, a crop well suited to the region because it requires little rainfall and is more nutritious than corn. ProSol and the Regional Nutrition Office have partnered to promote this food, especially to pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children, by sharing a variety of recipes. Efforts have also been made to incorporate sorghum millet flour into dishes served in restaurants, including soups, cakes, pancakes, shortbread, cookies, flatbread, "godrogodro" (a pudding made from rice and coconut flour), and traditional Malagasy pastries such as "koba".

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