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ProFoP team member gains valuable insights at an international conference in Senegal


Staying educated and up-to-date is a top priority for ECO. For this reason, ProFoP Benin colleague Zéphyrin was recently given the opportunity to attend the 16th International Conference and Exhibition on New Technologies for Education, Training and Skills Development in Dakar. For three days, he participated in a series of training sessions that broadened his horizons and enriched his professional development.

The conference got off to an intellectually stimulating start, with the first day focusing on knowledge acquisition. Attendees were introduced to the intricacies of creating digital courses compatible with the Moodle mobile application, learned about engaging and collaborative virtual training methods, and actively participated in a stimulating debate on innovative approaches to learning.

The second day of the conference offered a stimulating journey through the world of innovative pedagogical design and implementation of virtual learning environments. Participants also explored the importance of data analytics for decision-making in higher education and discovered effective strategies to achieve inclusive and high-quality learning through digitization in vocational education. The day ended with a plenary session in which advocates for innovative, inclusive, and accessible learning helped spark renewed enthusiasm among participants.

On the final day, the focus of the conference shifted to equipping teachers with forward-thinking skills and evidence-based tools. Zéphyrin and other participants explored innovative techniques for teacher education that leverage digital technologies. Discussions also centered on bridging the gap between professional education and the ever-evolving needs of the local economy. The conference culminated with a debate on the profound impact of artificial intelligence on education in Africa, leaving participants with thought-provoking insights and questions to ponder.

Zéphyrin expressed his gratitude for the experience, stating, "Attending this conference was a turning point for me. I gained valuable insights into digital education, discovered new techniques for course design, and explored the integration of ICT solutions into vocational education. The sessions also introduced various learning management systems and their features, which allowed me to make informed choices tailored to each context. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a transformative event."

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