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German Ambassador Dr. Corinna Fricke visits ProFEC in Cameroon


It was a special event for the members of ECO's ProFEC team in Cameroon when they hosted German Ambassador Dr. Corinna Fricke. She took the time to learn about the remarkable activities of the project.

During her visit, the ambassador had the opportunity to explore various facets of the project. One highlight was an enlightening exhibition at L'hôtel Mansa. She also toured the C4B Mandjou, a central facility that plays a crucial role in the centralization and legalization of coal from sawmill waste. This innovative approach aims to open up new expansive markets for coal producers, promoting growth and sustainability in the industry.

Throughout Dr. Fricke's visit, there was a lively exchange of insights and experiences. The ProFEC team was deeply honored by the ambassador's presence, further underscoring the importance and impact of their dedicated efforts.

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