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ECO makes sustainability visible: a beautiful bee pasture adorns the Oberaula headquarters


Sustainable action and management is not only a basic component of ECO's project consulting, but has also always been a top priority for internal corporate governance.

One of the particularly illustrative measures implemented by ECO as part of its internal sustainability strategy this year is the planting of a bee pasture directly adjacent to the ECO headquarters in Oberaula. A wide variety of food plants for bees and other insects thrive on approx. 280 square metres, which are also a feast for the eyes of the ECOs on their daily walk to the office. The beautiful pink flowering plant on the cover is a cosmea, which was awarded the title of "Bee-Friendly Plant of the Year" on the United Nations World Bee Day on 20 May 2021.

These and many other plants provide a rich source of forage for many insects and form an important supplement to the available feed in the open landscape. More information about the bee pasture and many other measures implemented by ECO in the sense of Corporate Social Sustainability will be published in a sustainability report at the end of the year.

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