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ECO actively participated in the Amazon Week in Berlin


The Amazon region is awe-inspiring, diverse, and holds tremendous potential. However, it also presents numerous challenges that demand our attention. The Amazon Week, hosted at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, provides an ideal platform to discuss these challenges, engage with other experts, network, and raise public awareness about various topics simultaneously.

During the event "Reconciling Economy and Forest Conservation", ECO actively contributed to the program by sharing its experiences from the Amazon region. Gunter Viteri, ECO's Team Leader in the GIZ project "Bioeconomy and Value Chains in Brazil", led the panel discussion on "Bioeconomy", providing valuable insights based on his expertise. The exchange involved various experts, each sharing their unique perspectives and knowledge, underscoring the significance of the topic. Viteri emphasized, "The Amazon Week serves as an ideal platform to raise awareness and engage with fellow experts, allowing us to collectively shape the future for the benefit of all."

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