Just like with the MDG, wise use of natural resources has remained pivotal for the full range of development priorities of the current post-2015 development agenda. Protection, sustainable management and use of natural resources is at centre stage for most SDG, with a focus on country-specific, achievable and equitable responses. International policies on mitigating and adapting to climate change center on natural resources management – be it in terms of biofuel production, watershed protection or compensation for avoided deforestation.

Relations between utilization of natural resources and local livelihoods are complex and locally specific. Stakeholder approaches are vital to ensure that social, economic and environmental objectives are balanced and that the social groups most dependent on bioresources benefit from their management or are compensated where they encounter negative effects (e.g. demarcation of protected areas, resettlements). Enhancing economic sustainability by adding value to forests and forest products is one of the key areas of expertise in ECO's work.

Also, whether forests are exploited, grasslands overgrazed, savannahs set alight, and water bodies drained: Unfavourable policies and structural disincentives against sustainable natural resources management (SNRM) are almost always among the underlying causes.

With a long-standing experience in providing advisory support and expertise on environmental policy and law ECO is capable of analyzing structural hindrances and develop adapted concepts for improved natural resources management.

Reacting flexibly to new and emerging developments and initiatives, such as Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), use of market-based instruments (e.g. certification), innovative financing strategies (PES, carbon trade) etc. is part of our rationale. Practical implementation of the international forest regime at the national level and below is one of our focal concerns. To this end, we have since long promoted and supported the implementation of National Forest Programme Processes (nfp).

Consulting services are offered in the following fields:

  • Sustainable forest management
  • Forest economics and silviculture
  • Agroforestry
  • Land-use planning
  • Rangeland management
  • Wildlife management
  • Watershed management
  • Processing and marketing of timber and non-timber forest products Development of marketing strategies
  • Wood processing
  • Furniture production
  • Bee-keeping and fisheries

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