Conserving biodiversity for a sustainable living, as a development political principle, means maintaining the grounds of development for future generations through retaining options for development, which otherwise be lost by the increasing loss of species and ecosystem destruction.

Advisory services in nature conservation touch on a number of decision-making levels – from creating a global alliance and providing appropriate national frameworks down to enabling communities to care for their own environments. Local communities are the focus for much that needs to be done in making a change to living sustainable, but there is little they can do if they lack the power to act.

Consulting services are offered in the following fields:

  • Establishment of national frameworks for integrated conservation development
  • Development of legislation and regulations in nature conservation
  • Elaboration of strategies and concepts to protect natural areas sustainably
  • Promotion of stakeholders' active participation
  • Introduction of economic instruments to promote conservation
  • Promotion of sponsoring and foundations
  • Conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Development of participatory management plans for conservation areas and their buffer zones
  • Management of protected areas and their buffer zones through stakeholders' active participation
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded ecosystems
  • Conservation education and training
  • Public relation activities
  • Support to sustainable management of natural resources
  • Vegetation mapping and wildlife inventories
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Applied research
  • Development of income generating activities
  • Ecotourism

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