ECO Consult operates along EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is regularly certified by independent auditing. ECO's quality assurance policy is part of the normative framework for our operative business and of the company's strategic orientation. In line with ISO 9001 our quality assurance policy is professionally reviewed on a yearly basis and adapted to market demands. It pertains to the entirety of the company's product portfolio in the area of development cooperation as well as to internal processes.

Our business activities are designed to offer first class quality to each client while minimizing internal and external cost, and to gain our clients' satisfaction at all times. Client satisfaction is regularly recorded and evaluated.

ECO Consult's internal quality management system is continuously finetuned and improved. The services we deliver are subjected to a tailor-made M&E system which helps to record and analyse deviations immediately, in the course of the backstopping process. Counter measures are initiated on the spot.

ECO Consult establishes business partnerships on the basis of mutual fairness and honesty, to ensure long-term stability in business relationships for mutual benefit. To safeguard trust and recognition we maintain close contact with our business partners during implementation.

Sucessful decisions arise from the knowledge of company processes and their interactions. A system of interlinked processes makes for the company's added value. We work innovatively and quickly implement new technical findings and standards.

Employees are involved into the business processes to a high degree so they can use their capacities in the best possible way to achieve the company goals defined by the management. Every employee is responsible for the quality work they deliver. Staff receive training on a regular basis; this also includes data protection concerns and measures. The qualification, information and motivation of all employees is a prime prerequisite for ECO Consult's success. Employee satisfaction is documented annually, by means of standardized questionnaires.

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