ECO first choice in technical cooperation

Steve Sepp: Strategy of balanced acquisition pays off

With its 32 GIZ contracts won in 2012 alone, ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft turnt out the 7th most frequently commissioned provider of consultancy services to GIZ, in both technical and personnel cooperation, across all fields of expertise. In terms of financial volume ECO ranks 10th, leaving a series of reknowned providers of consultancy services behind.

The picture is similar in the sub-market of environmental and rural development consultancies. Here, ECO takes 4th position in quantity and budget of commissions that were granted to providers, in 2012.

The GIZ statistics, issued in such a fully transparent and easily accessible way for the first time, this way eloquently testify the quality and reliability of ECO's work.

Apart from the unsurprising net turnover and rate of occupancy with its major client, as already evident from the internal balances, ECO's Manager Steve Sepp sees the company's strategy of balanced acquisition reassured, by a glance to fellow competitors. "We operate on the basis of a sound proportion between long-term project management and consultant missions. This makes us very efficient, and it boosts our know-how. It's not a like bare think tank abstaining from implementation. The combination of short-term expert interventions and programme implementation on-site creates much more additional value and enables us to advise in-depth."

Business relations with GIZ had started well before the company's year of establishment, 1992, when today's board of managers split off from their direct affiliation with GIZ to found a company of their own. Just as the continuity of the company's leadership is somewhat outstanding in the business, ECO always took pride in a very confident staff. Its institutional memory has become one of its secrets of success.

The business climate of the present year is similarly promising. Due to heightened global political attention   environment-related assignments continue to win shares in Germany's bilateral cooperation. In GIZ's portfolio, the procurement sectors "Environmental policies, sustainable management, waste management" and "Resources management" are ever gaining in importance. Still, of course, the agricultural sector figures on top, meanwhile followed by governance. In both sectors, too, ECO Consult has been and is, already active.

This year, ECO has started into its 3rd decade of business with an enforced and tailor-made climate adaptation/ mitigation expertise and an enlarged, rejuvenated team.

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