ASA: EU supports value chain development

Online presentation launched

2016-06/ Years of cooperation between the Madegassan Government and German TC have proven that there is a way out of i) progressing deterioration of the country's remnant natural forests and ii) galloping household fuel penury in the capital of Antananarivo. In 2014, the EU stepped in to assist the modernization of i.a. woodfuel chains as it had been practised by the PGM-E/ PAGE. Its Programme ASA (Appui à l'Agro-Silviculture autour d'Antananarivo) has now launched a website:

Increased funds for agriculture and education

2016 commitment strengthens German ODA for Benin and Togo

2016-04/ German international cooperation plans to supply an additional 6.5 million Euro for agricultural innovation and food security in Togo. The investment is to go into projects on agricultural productivity and education, said Federal Minister Müller at his January visit in Lomé. In Togo, a "haven of stability" in Westafrica, as the Ministry praised, Germany seeks to improve long-term conditions for investment. In Benin, the agricultural sector will profit from an envisaged plus of 20 million Euro. In both countries ECO Consult is implementing technical assistance projects that center on capacity building and agricultural extension. Local small farmers' initiatives are an important contribution to inreasing household incomes. 



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