Algeria: Climate adaptation training

Step ahead in the National Climate Plan

2015-06/ Faced with i.a. higher average temperatures and increasingly irregular rainfall Algeria prepares itself for climate adaptation by way of a national climate plan, anchored among others, with the Agence National des Changements Climatiques (ANCC). In an initial event in March, implemented by ECO, decision-makers had familiarized themselves with the issue of intergrating climate adaptation stategies into development planning. Now ECO Consult was called to lead a workshop for ANCC members and about two dozen other participants from the environment, water, tourism and health sectors, in Annaba.

The training was already conceived on the basis of the IPCC Working Group II Fifth Assessment Report. Dominating issues were food security, biodiversity and economic development. Practical insights were gained from a local National Park context. The training was commissioned by the GIZ project "Implementation of the national climate plan in Algeria" which aims to strenghthen Algeria's country-wide capacities to plan, manage and coordinate climate adaptation measures in a coherent manner.

China: Towards more climate sensitive state forestry

Hunan workshop explores best practice

2015-05/ In May, ECO Consult contributed to a workshop on silvicultural concepts and best practice "Sustainable Forest Management with Climate Benefits". The meeting was jointly organized by the P.R. China's State Forestry Administration's Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring Centre, the Hunan Provincial Forestry Department, and the Sino-German Project Low Carbon Land Use (implemented under BMUB's International Climate Initiative – IKI).

The workshop convened at Yongzhou (Hunan Province) and included a field-trip to a State Forest Farm. It brought together a wide range of decision-makers, researchers, administrators and forestry professionals from the national, provincial and local levels.

The programme included practice-oriented training sessions to introduce selective thinning, promotion of future crop-trees and silvicultural concepts for the transformation of even-aged monocultures into more stable and structurally diverse forests. Reflecting on the direction and pace of the ongoing reform of China's State Forest Farms, participants explored options and pathways for the future upscaling of climate sensitive forestry in Southern China.

The workshop was part of the P.R. China's current reform process towards more multifunctional, climate responsive forestry. ECO, who accompany the process in the frame of the bilateral Low Carbon Land Use Project, was called to contibute, among others, to a field visit to Jin Dong State Forest Farm, the project's pilot SFM Unit.

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