Burundi to implement COMIFAC extension guideline

Workshop for administration and multipliers

2014-12/ A series of Central African countries are currently drafting national action plans to implement the COMIFAC guideline for extension in the forest and environmental sectors. A national workshop for the preparation of a respective plan was facilitated by ECO Consult in the Republic of Burundi. Participants were government representatives, staff from national extension institutions, media and other multiplicators.

ECO Christmas Art Edition

This year's focus: Combatting erosion in the Caucasus

2014-12/ It is now many years that ECO's "Christmas Art" series has been called into life. The idea behind our now traditional, much appreciated initiative is to present some of the looks that people around the world take on a life that is inextricably linked with their social and natural environments. The series also gives us a chance to present one of our projects, annually, and a glimpse of the objectives and approaches we are working on.

From the multitude of artistic realisations that can be found everywhere in the context of our bilateral cooperation this year's motif presents a scenery in Svaneti, the highest inhabited region in the Caucasus.

The oil on canvas painting is a work by the Georgian artist Vladimer Abuladze (above, see his profile, right). Svaneti's impressive towers were erected in the 9th-12th centuries. The rich cultural and societal life, however, to be found in the region - let alone the biodiversity of ecosystems - is threatened by a vulnerability to natural disasters that has largely come from (local) overutilization of resources.

Commissioned by GIZ the project aims to curb erosion, among others by sensitizing herders and their families and introducing sustainable pasture management, community-based forest management and small-scale afforestation. > View project

Trainings in Central Asia

Integrating ecosystem services into development planning

2014-12/ Integrating ecosystem services into planning processes (IES) was the topic of two recent trainings carried out by ECO Consult in Central Asia. In Tajikistan the national forest authority, which aims to integrate IES into their forest sector strategy, took the chance for a professional update. Other clients were local communities. In Kyrgyzstan, the training was delivered to a newly founded interministerial working group for IES.

The trainings were third in a series implemented for the FLERMONECA project (Forest and Biodiversity Governance including environmental monitoring) on behalf of the EC. The project, which is carried out by GIZ (subcontracted by ECO Consult) supports advanced environmental monitoring in Central Asia. A regional inception training for multipliers had taken place in Aschgabat (Turkmenistan), in June. It was facilitated by ECO jointly with GIZ (ValuES). ValuES ("Methods for the integration of ecosystem services in policy, planning and practice") is a superregional programme approved by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment's International Climate Initiative (IKI). For further information: http://www.wecoop-project.org/FLERMONECA

Contract signed with KfW-Entwicklungsbank

ECO to advise conservation trust in Benin

2014-10/ In the forthcoming three years ECO Consult will deliver management advise to a major conservation trust in Benin, West Africa. A respective contract was signed with German KfW Entwicklungsbank. The trust – Fondation des Savanes Ouest-Africaines (FSOA) – aims to establish sustainable financing for a National Park in the North of the country. On mid-term other conservation areas of the WAP complex such as Benin's Pendjari National Park, are also envisaged to be supported through the Foundation's trust fund. The WAP transborder network of savanna wildlife refuges covers two million ha at the intersection of Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Utilizing best land management practice for CCA

Asian decision makers receive training

2014-10/ In Bangkok, 19 participants from nine countries familiarised themselves with climate proofing as a strategic planning approach. The pilot scheme was commissioned by GIZ, who had called upon ECO Consult as a traditional service provider in the areas of strategic competency development, climate change adaptation strategies and change management, to co-conceive the training. Among others, participants were interested to adapt successful techniques of sustainable agriculture, land and coastal zone management to the promotion of climate change adaptation (CCA). 

ECO front page in the list of top GIZ contractors

Market position enhanced in 2013

2014-10/ ECO Consult has further improved its position on the consultancy market. ECO holds rank 7 in the financial volume of cooperations with GIZ, our top commissioner. The company had only been 10th in the list of top-cooperation partners the year before. In amounts of contracts awarded in our business segment ECO ranks 3. "This is a proof of our stability and performance of which we can be proud", says Manager Dietrich Busacker. The procurement report by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Germany's major implementer of bilateral technical cooperation, presents an annual listing of major contractors. The list comprises the 100 most prominent cooperation partners across all fields of expertise.

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