Renewable energies in Africa

EU grants two billion EUR to selected countries

2014-09/ Renewable energies increasingly receive their well-deserved attention in Subsaharan Africa. At the recent New York Climate Change Summit the EC has signed a two-billion-Euro allocation in grants for renewable energies support in Africa, to be disbursed by 2020. The initiative is part of a 3.3 billion Euro proposition to back the EU's goal of providing access to sustainable energies for up to 500 million people, by 2030. The agreements were signed with Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Togo, Liberia and Cape Verde.

ECO Consult has advised a series of countries in the last two decades, on their ways to initiate or adjust woodfuel policies combined with promoting sustainable wood supplies and testing participatory land use management schemes. "The EU initiative is a welcome move to put more of the available expertise into practice", says ECO manager Dr. Steve Sepp.

Decentral renewable energy supplies

Cameroonian ministerial delegation on study visit

2014-09/ This September, ECO was called to welcome a delegation of policy makers dispatched by the Republic of Cameroon. The regional delegation, one of the partnering institutions to the German-Cameroonian ProPSFE programme implemented by ECO, acquainted themselves with German renewable energy policies. A specific focus was on regulatory initiatives and the management and necessary infrastructure of decentral supplies. More...







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