ECO Consult assists EC FLERMONECA programme

IES Training for multipliers in Turkmenistan

2014-06/ In Central Asia, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) currently implements the FLERMONECA project (Forest and Biodiversity Governance including environmental monitoring) on behalf of the EC. One thrust of the project is to support and advance environmental monitoring. Among others, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekhistan improve on reporting and data sharing and tighthen links and partnerships among corresponding Central Asian and EU institutions. ECO supports the project in organising extension measures in the participating countries, e.g. in the field of integrating ecosystem services (IES), as a central requirement for supraordinate planning in several policy sectors. A first regional training for multipliers took place in Aschgabat (Turkmenistan), in June. The training was moderated by ECO jointly with GIZ (ValuES).

​FLERMONECA aims to enhance regional cooperation and partnership with Europe in the fields of forest and biodiversity governance, including environmental monitoring, through supporting the sustainable use and management of natural resources in Central Asia. Apart from environmental  monitoring other components touch on climate change, forest governance (FLEG) and ecological restoration. Further information:

ValuES ("Methods for the integration of ecosystem services in policy, planning and practice") is a superregional programme approved by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment's International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Potentials of NTFP in Algeria

Value chain analyses in the MENA region

2014-06/ Like other Maghreb countries Algeria tries to develop the economic potentials of NTFP through optimizing their related value chains. In June, ECO Consult assisted the Algerian Directorate General of Forests in analysing the value chains of charcoal, cork, honey and Pistachier Lentiscus products. The mission was part of the "Adapatation of forest political framework conditions to climate change in the MENA region" by German GIZ.

Integrating climate change adaptation into development planning

Lead author of IPCC Report speaks at training

2014-05/ Consultants and technical staff from donor and partner countries took part in a top-up training of trainers on climate change adaptation in Bonn, this May. The training focused on climate change-related scientific foundations, recent developments in ecosystem-based adaptation and monitoring and evaluation for adaptation. The four-day-course was part of the institutionalised Climate Change Adaptation Training of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), to which ECO Consult is official contributor. The training was based on the method of Appreciative Inquiry for the design of effective training processes. One highlight was a personal climate scientific update by Dr. Daniela Jacob, lead author of the 5th IPCC Report (WG II), from Climate Service Center, Hamburg.

Sustainable resources management

ECO assists Mongolia in drafting law on ABS

2014-05/ In the frame of ​Mongolia's concern over the management of its natural resources, especially access and benefit sharing (ABS), the Ministry of Environment and Green Development is preparing a national law on ABS. In April/May the Ministry consulted ECO in preparing negotiations and drafting the law. The mission was carried out on behalf of the programme "Biodiversity and Adaptation of Key Forest Ecosystems to Climate Change" by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Adaptation to climate change

Training of trainers

2014-04/ In April, ECO Consult held a 2-week training of trainers in Estoril (Portugal). The training, under the title of "Adapting to Climate Change" was funded by Portuguese Cooperation and led by Udo Höggel and Fernando Camargo. Among the 18 participants from various Portuguese-speaking countries (Portugal, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe) were climate negotiators and representatives of various national authorities, UNDP staff and members of NGOs.

Wood energy sector development

ECO team elaborates study in Senegal

2014-04/ On behalf of GIZ PERACOD programme, a team of ECO's currently scrutinize the wood energy sector of selected Senegalese regions. Local forest administration colleagues are assisting the missions.

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