ECO develops training and extension along digital and hybrid formats

Remote learning turns a priviledged way for capacity development

2021-03/ Following the COVID-19 pandemic digital formats have gained in acceptance and practicabilty, especially in the educational sector. In ODA programmes ECO Consult draws a particularly interesting momentum from (i) the use of digitally-assisted tools in the field and (ii) aligned technical exchange of experience about these tools by way of digital and hybrid HCD formats. Apart from the boosting evolution of digital appliances in various sectors, standard state-of-the-art expertise in the area of natural resources management and governance is of course also increasingly proliferated by digital formats. Seven trainings in the form of digital learning, hybrid learning and digital coaching of HCD processes have been delivered by ECO Consult's team of trainers, in 2020. This has allowed the team to adapt to the requirements and respond to technical as well as clients' demands.

ECO trainings are made to suit both, technical staff in partner intervention areas as well as a domestic expert audience. We use a variety of tools such as MS Teams, Mentimeter, Miro, Teamviewer, Trello etc.

ECO Consult offers trainings in the following areas:

  • Forestry, wood energy and biodiversity
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Value Links
  • Education and training (incl. TVET)
  • M&E systems and data collection tools
  • Governance for sustainable development
  • Organizational development, project and knowledge management.

Just flip through our new brochure in English and French. Your contact for bookings: training (at) eco.consult (dot) com or lisa.kirtz (at) eco-consult (dot) com.


ECO Consult and CONDESAN win NRM tender in Ecuador

Preservation of Andean mountain ecosystems

2021-01/ ECO Consult is assisting GIZ's programme for the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems in the Andes in Ecuador, from 2020 until 2023. Executed by the Ministry of Environment, the programme helps stop degradation of this hotspot of globally important natural resources in the country. Services lign up with Ecuador's national development plan, which guides Ecuador's contribution to the Agenda 2030. Governmental and other stakeholders receive advice on spatial planning, renaturation of mountain ecosystems and the promotion of selected value chains as an alternative to resource-degrading agriculture. Services are delivered jointly with our local partner, CONDESAN.

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