Activities of Component 1 start as scheduled

PAGE 2 Programme in Madagascar to take up work in July

2020-06/ Despite the current COVID-19 impediments and some operational postponements that also affect work at our headquarters ECO Consult's activities for the new bilateral PAGE II Programme in Madagascar are starting as scheduled. From July on the local team will work at a professionalization of the construction timber value chain in and around protected areas, elaborate a market information system and a digital tracking system for green charcoal, further develop the wood energy sector's M&S system, support individual community afforestation schemes and promote energy efficient kilns and improved stoves. The interventions in three regions, which are co-financed by EC, are important steps to reduce deforestation and combat poverty.

ProFE interventions will contribute to AFR100 Initiative

ECO wins continuation of FLR project in Cameroon

2020-04/ ECO Consult and DFS are leading the ProFE Forest landscape restoration project in the East and North of Cameroon into its next phase. With the contract signed with GIZ this month we continue to pursue the greater acknowledgement and valuation of forest ecosystem services through developing NTFP-based value chains and modernization of the wood energy sector as well as protraced capacity development in integrated land use planning. At the interface of several fellow programmes in the region the project plays a major role for the country's attaining both national targets of the AFR100 Initiative and of the National Action Plan to combat desertification. It is embedded in the programme "Environmental policy, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources".

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