COP 23: ECO and IPAM present sustainable produce from the Amazon

Working together for marketing and value chain development

2017-11/ Sustainably grown produce from the Brazilian Amazon is attractive, tasty and socio-ecologically valuable. This was showcased at a special exhibition at the "Amazon Bonn". At the COP 23 side event, the project Green Markets and Sustainable Consumption, implemented by ECO and its regional partner IPAM Amazôn, presented sustainably grown and harvested products like Guaraná powder, Brazil Nut, Açaí pulp and vegetable oils 'live' to visitors. The project is part of German bilateral cooperation with Brazil, with ECO Consult one of the partnering technical implementers on behalf of German GIZ.

The "Amazon Bonn" promoted awareness and business contacts for cooperation towards the sustainable future of the Brazilian Amazon. The sociobiodiversity fair in Bonn's 'Kunsthalle' displayed how sustainable development of the Amazon can be promoted by marketing the rich cultural and biological diversity of the region, some of which has not even been discovered or, transformed into economic opportunities. Consuming the products — or using them in value chains of the foods, health and cosmetics sector — means helping to create wealth and rising incomes for the local population without harming the environment. Back in Brazil, after the presentation of a variety of food, arts and handicrafts, the project "Green Markets and Sustainable Consumption" will continue to foster Government, communities, companies and science to work together and develop the potential. > see also this News > Visit the exhibit website.

Attendance, exhibition, co-preparation of case study review

ECO Consult sharing expertise at COP 23

2017-11/ While ECO Consult head staff are attending COP 23, ECO is also represented at the Conference by way of an exhibition about sustainable produce and marketing in the Amazon (see above), and via the introduction of a new publication on EbA valuation. The brochure, a sourcebook of case studies from 40 countries, which were reviewed and pre-produced for GIZ's Bonn-based Global Project "Mainstreaming EbA", supports decision-makers who consider to adopt and integrate EbA into public policies. Case studies cover all continents and various ecosystems. They reveal how (e.g. along which guiding questions) valuation studies can be planned and implemented, and in how far the results carry the argument in favour of EbA as compared to merely "grey" adaptation measures. See also:

Ecosystem-based adaptation is an integrative approach that helps countries develop foresighted climate adaptation measures, which are based on a socio-ecologically more inclusive and thus more realistic assessment of risks and opportunities.

Chinese authorities test and assess close-to-nature forest management

Excursions and training with Ningbo Forestry Bureau

2017-10/ Field trips and practical demonstrations were recently on the agenda of a training course for decision-makers and practitioners in China. ECO Consult's Dr. Stefan Mann, who has been in charge of advisory services to the bilateral project "Enhancing ecosystem services of communally managed commercial forests" since 2015, illustrated and showcased close-to-nature-forest management. The approach promotes biological diversity and carbon sequestration, while generating revenue from large-dimension, valuable timber at the same time. Representatives of Ningbo Forestry Bureau highly appreciated the concepts demonstrated by the German colleagues. The approach had been selected and further developed for being consciously in line with the partner's national forest policy reform priorities.

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Green Markets and Sustainable Consumption The project promotes value chains and marketing of products from family farming and indigeneous peoples' origin, based on the region's biodiversity. State administration, communities, companies and science are supported — in order to create alternative incomes to forest logging, and in favour of a sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon. More...

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