Pilot Measures to capacitate forest management units

FORCLIME II: ECO wins contract in Indonesia

2017-09/ Up until 2019 ECO Consult, together with its Munich based partner Remote Sensing Solutions, is going to assist the bilateral FORCLIME II programme in improving technical, managerial and administrative conditions for better forest fire monitoring and prevention. In West Kalimantan pilot measures will be implemented to jointly develop standard operating procedures and to capacitate local forest management units. Based on an integrative concept of sustainable forest management that is ultimately regarded as the key to fire prevention ECO's activities will contribute to FORCLIME's goal: help reduce GHG emissions from the forest sector and improve livelihoods.

ECO Consult retains market position in bilateral cooperation

GIZ technical procurements: ECO fourth in contract volume

2017-08/ As underpinned by the new procurement report of GIZ (covering the business year of 2016) ECO Consult has retained its place as one of the big German players in development cooperation consulting. ECO consultants, expertise and project staff were hired in 21 contracts with a total value of over EUR 9.0 million. This equals rank four in contract volume, among our immediate fellow competitors. For a year that was marked by all the team's concern and woes about our manager's health this is also a comforting achievement in the legacy of our former manager Cornelia Sepp. End of 2017 will again see ECO defend its market share, in an increasingly competitive environment.





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