Designing contents

ECO Consult has developed a series of very successful training courses that are part of our regular offer. We translate specific technical expertise (e.g. forestry, climate change adaptation, household energy) and methodological topics (e.g. change management, project management) into tangible competencies through interactive learning.

We have a track record in developing various types of training material: manuals, handouts, interactive exercises, glossaries, input presentations, visualization elements etc.

For individual needs and contexts, we design tailor-made products: training material for face-to-face interactive and participatory learning, digital learning contents as well as blended learning events, e-learning modules for self-paced learning and adapted workshop formats – depending on your objectives and ideas.


  • 2013-14: FLERMONECA (Forest and Biodiversity Governance including environmental monitoring), Central Asia, GIZ

Considering the value of ecosystem services is a central requirement for sustainable development planning. In Central Asia, a comprehensive capacity development process was supported for project staff and counterparts: Therefore, the training course GIZ "Integrating ecosystem services into development planning" (IES) was customized to regional parameters. Based on these adapted training materials, ECO participated in the conceptual design, preparation and facilitation of a regional multiplier training on IES in Turkmenistan and facilitated workshops with national stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

  • 2012-13: Sector Programme 'Implementiation of the CBD', GIZ

ECO developed the GIZ training course on Ecosystem-based Adaptation, including a comprehensive training concept and  training material for three different formats for decision makers and practitioners. A trainer handbook provides comprehensive guidance for trainers. Input presentations and interactive exercises allow participants to get acquainted with the concept of EbA and its implementation.

  • 2013: Sector Programme 'Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Agriculture' (NAREN), GIZ

ECO developed various inputs and material for a course on climate change adaptation in small-scale agriculture in Asia, including exercises agricultural case studies for group work.

  • 2011-13: Regional Programme Silva Mediterranea, GIZ

We supported the strengthening of practical competencies, awareness raising and skills development on forest-ecosystem services for climate change adaptation in the MENA region. Our services encompassed the development of training material (input presentations, handouts) and case studies on forest-related Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA). > GIZ website 

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