Sourcebook: SFM approaches and field work in Southeast Asia

In the course of their knowledge management activities, which have, among other instruments, brought about the online ASEAN Secretariat's Forest Clearing House Mechanism, the German-ASEAN Regional Forest Programme (ReFOP) has published, under the egis of Bernhard von der Heyde and Rolf Krezdorn, the findings from 25 years of project work in the forestry sector.

The sourcebook, published under editing and digital pre-press assistance by ECO, offers a synthesis of the experience from around 20 projects supported by GIZ. It contains primary sources such as recommendations, guidelines, field manuals and pre-defined table formats for information retrieval, valid througout Southeast Asia.

The selection of 12 papers in full print covers recurring aspects of silviculture, social forestry and forest biodiversity. Three annotated bibliographies – so-called "tool boxes" – each list in table format (i) project names and addresses in the area of expertise as well as (ii) 30 to 70 commented sources each from projects, with links for direct access.

Many of the major contributors to the digging work that was necessary to compile the bibliographies, notably Günther Haase and Anke Camphausen, have also authored the sourcebook's main texts.

The signle documents were also available via the ASEAN Secretariat's “Forest Clearing House Mechanism” (CHM –, powered  by ReFOP. The site was no longer valid in 2015. But try to contact asean-forest (at) aseansec (dot) org, which can surely forward the "Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management in Southeast Asia" as PDF.