Selected publications

Biomass energy/ woodfuels and related

PGM-E: model of a landscape approach 

For over a decade, Madagascar's PGM-E programme was technically advised by ECO Consult. It set a milestone in terms of livelihood improvement, rural market development, land rehabilitation and more sustainable energy supplies. In ETFRN News 56, Steve Sepp and co-authors describe the programme's benefits in terms of a (climate-smart) landscape approach. -> 125 KB


Multiple Household Fuel Use 

What makes people chose one energy carrier over another? How can the specific advantages and limitations of each, firewood, charcoal and LPG, be considered jointly within a comprehensive, inter-sectoral energy strategy? Steve Sepp argues to discard the classical antinomy of 'traditional fuel vs. modern fuel' as insinuated by the energy ladder. The brochure provides up-to-date statistics, lessons and suggestions for governments and household energy-related programmes.  -> 4 MB


Household energy/ regenerative energies

Steve Sepp's analysis, for the GIZ HERA household energy programme, presents key advantages of wood-based fuels, principal challenges and success stories in favour of wood energy. -> 4.9 MB


Combating desertification, natural resources management, renewable energy

For a long-term, sustainable perspective of household fuel supplies to Madagascar's urban agglommerations the best option is for a resource-saving, decentral exploitation of wood as locally available source of fuel. Land tenure plays a key role for people to take charge of regenerating the resource base and make a living from wood energy production. "Village-based individual afforestation" has proven first-choice to create incentives and promote the users' necessary capacities within a viable and favorable administrative framework. More...


Woodfuel management

In a condensed paper, ECO Consult's Dr. Steve Sepp and Dr. Stefan Mann present what can be deferred as lessons learnt and recommendations for wood fuel supply interventions in a variety of contexts. -> 1.2 MB


Sustainable forest
biomass energy

"Le Reboisement villageois individuel": Des modèles pour générer des revenues at améliorer l'approvisionnement d'énergie – leçons apprises du projet GREEN-Mad, Madagascar
->4.62 MB

Forest policy and governance and related

Forest governance/ nfp

Cornelia Sepp and Stefan Mann on progress and success factors of national forest programme implementation in as yet 76 countries (ETFRN News, Issue 53, 2012).
->1,17 MB


GIZ strategies
on forest governance

GTZ's Environment and Climate Change Division assesses potentials of "Forest Governance in a Rapidly Changing World"......More


Natural resources
management, Mauritania

One of ECO Consult's most thorough implementation experience concerns the Mauritano-German bilateral cooperation in natural resources management, GRN.  "Gestion des ressources naturelles en Mauritanie" is a presentation of impacts, lessons learnt and challenges from 10 years of on-site interventions (2001-2011).
->2,7 MB


Community forestry/
forest revenues

Implementation experience and lessons from the Katavi-Rukwa Conservation and Development Programme, Tanzania
->3.6 MB


National forest programmes

"Understanding national forest programmes": In her cross-country analysis, based on evaluation data, Cornelia Sepp and co-authors argue for a moderate adaptation of FAO's concept of national forest programmes, to enhance their practical applicability and impact ...more


Natural resources

In the 500-pages compilation the German-ASEAN Regional Forest Programme (ReFOP) offers a synthesis of the experience from around 20 projects supported by GIZ. It contains primary sources such as recommendations, guidelines, field manuals and pre-defined table formats for information retrieval, valid througout Southeast Asia......More


Protected area management/ biodiversity conservation and related

Protected area management/ biodiversity conservation/ M&E
Latin America

Which minimal standards can be established for the management of Peru's 77 state protected areas? The team of the German-Peruvian PDRS program have elaborated on such guidelines for planning, monitoring and evaluation on the basis of surveys and their contextual project work. -> 1.4 MB


Integrated natural resources protection/ multicultural approaches


"Interpretación del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural": The brochure of the PDRS program, Peru, (Programa Desarollo Rural Sostenible) was the first publication nationwide, to describe natural and cultural heritage sites as they are actually conceived and interpreted by residents. It was handed over to the Peruvian Ministry of Evironment for dissemination and discussion. -> 8.1 MB


Climate change/ natural recources management

In the publication, the German-Peruvian programme PDRS, parts of which were implemented by ECO, exemplifies how the reality of climate change makes itself felt in daily life. The compilation of personal testimonies was conceived as a companion to the exhibition “The climate is changing, and so is my life"  -> 2.3 MB


Climate change response and biodiversity

The CBD Secretariat, jointly with GIZ, underpins that REDD programming, pro-livelihood and pro-biodiversity measures can be made to go hand in hand, for mutual benefit......More