Primary Education Programme (PEP) – Component: Education planning and human resources management

In continuation of the predecessor PEP (phase 2014-2017) the consortium of ECO Consult and GOPA
in consultation with their regional and national partners hold the technical responsibility and steering of the implementation of the Regional and National Education Planning policy. Capacitation of 9 communities of the Tillabéri region and of governmental staff in the capital are further pursued. The regional sector programme for education and training (PRSEF) is supported in coordination with the working unit for implementation and monitoring of the PRSEF, the directorates of the three major ministries of education and training (Primary Education, Secondary Education and Vocational Training), and the financial and technical partners of the joint fund (AFD, LuxDev, UNICEF). A special focus remains on girls' participation and the related standards and rules aimed at promoting girls' schooling. Consulting on the levels of municipal, regional and national basic education planning and their interrelationships can now be accomplished on the basis of improved data from communities and regions.

Among others, the current phase is devoted to:

• developing a financial simulation model of simplified education at the regional level (follow-up of the Tillabéri model)

• developing a three-year and an annual budgeted action plan (PTAB) for the Tillabéri region

• documentation of lessons and incorporate adjustments to the planning process and its procedures and instruments, and

• editing of a revised manual of planning standards for the Ministry of Basic Education, its regional directorate and municipal authorities, as well as adjacent ministries.

Time span
2018 – 2020   

Commissioning body           
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Cooperation partner