Fields of Work

Today, projects with a narrowly sectoral approach are as much a thing of the past as are isolated technical approaches – e.g. for the optimization of timber yields. ECO Consult's operations were based on interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approaches as a constitutive element of project design long before this became a self-evident part of official development assistance. 

fields of work
Governance for sustainable development

Decentralization | administrative and law reform | local finance and fiscal reform | policy development (environmental sector) | MEA | gender | regional cooperation | financing mechanisms and instruments (PES)

Climate change response

Mitigation and adaptation strategies | REDD+ | low carbon land use | ecosystem-based adaptation | disaster risk management | training

Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

Protected area management | eco-corridors | buffer zone development | access and benefit sharing | valorization of eco-system services | sustainable tourism | environmental education


Sector management and school administration | quality improvement in formal education | non-formal basic education for youth and adults | vocational training for sustainable development | school safety | curricula development | institutional management

Strategic competency development

Tool and instrument development | didactic concepts and methods | HCD strategies | strategic evaluation | organizational development

Renewable energy

Demand and supply strategies | energy value chain optimization | combustion and conversion technologies | dissemination and marketing | sustainable wood energy | micro-hydro power

Rural development and food security

Local and regional development | value chain development | land management | small-scale irrigation | agriculture | agroeconomics | green economy | beekeeping

Sustainable Managment of natural resources

Forest management | watershed management |
silvo-pastoral management systems | coastal zone management | environmental economics | NTFP

ECO Consult, by tightly associating natural and social science expertise from point of its establishment, has 27 years of experience in capacity building and organisational development in the realm of green sector reform. Another domain of ECO's is the innovative use of socio-empirical methods for project identification, monitoring and evaluation.

Thanks to its broad portfolio ECO is able to analyse clients' concerns from a wide range of thematic starting points. In the course of planning and implementation neighboring policy fields will be immersed. While intersectoral approaches have turned commonplace today ECO has retained its reputation for being a think tank for versatile, innovative concepts and solutions.