ETFRN reports on ECO's Madagascar activities

Success factors of the PGM-E 

Madagascar's PGM-E programme, technically advised by ECO, is an effective example of working towards both productive and climate-smart landscapes. In ETFRN News 56, ECO managing director Dr. Steve Sepp and co-authors describe the programme's benefits in terms of a landscape approach – as there are: livelihood improvement, rural market development, land rehabilitation and more sustainable energy supplies (PDF, 125 KB).


Welcome to the ECO Consulting Group

Future is our daily business

For over 20 years, ECO has been among Germany's leading international consultants for socio-ecological programme advice in official development assistance. Clients such as national and international financing agencies, NGOs and private business call on us in their efforts to promote sustainable livelihoods and combat poverty. To them, we offer specialized and integrated services.


Integrating ecosystem services (IES)

Trainings in Central Asia

2014-12/ Integrating ecosystem services into planning processes was the topic of two recent trainings carried out by ECO Consult in Central Asia. In Tajikistan the national forest authority, which aims to integrate IES into their forest sector strategy, took the chance for a professional update. Other clients were local communities. In Kyrgyzstan, the training was delivered to a newly founded interministerial working group for IES. ​More...